No Education Required! Earn 3,000,000 Yen A Month! Get Hands-On Work Experience! Take The Challenge!? "Will You Wear Swimsuits If You Can Do It Together With Your friend!?" It Was Supposed To Be Just A Simulated Soapland Experience Wearing Schoolgirls Swimsuits!? See Us Stick Our Cocks Into The Cracks Of Their Swimsuits, Part 2 "You'll Be With Your Friend, And You'll Be Wearing Swimsuits, So You'll Be Safe!" "Hey, Wait! You're Sticking Your Cock Into The Crack Of My Swimsuit!"

  • DVD ID: POST-258
  • Content ID: post00258
  • Release Date: 21/06/14
  • Runtime: 260 min.
  • Idols: Unknown